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In the South, spiders can be bothersome year round.  Typically spider issues inside the home can be prevented by taking steps to rid your yard of spiders.  

Tips for keeping spider populations down outside your home are:

  • Trim back shrubs and other plants that directly contact your home.
  • Knock webs and any egg sacs down with a broom or a hard spray of water.
  • Caulk or seal obvious cracks or spaces around the foundation, doors, windows etc.
  • Check to be sure screens fit tightly. Replace or repair any screens that fit poorly or are damaged.
  • Change outside lights to reduce insect prey that can encourage spiders. Yellow lights are less attractive to insects than mercury or sodium vapor lights.
  • Remove piles of bricks, firewood, and other debris that may serve as suitable homes for spiders or move them further from your home.
  • Keep grassy or weedy areas near buildings cut short.

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