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Eben takes care of my home and yard, keeping them pest free throughout the year.  I like that they do not bind their customers to a contract but tailor the plan they have for my property based on my needs.  I trust them in my home and know I always have a partner to call if I need assistance.  

-- Mary Burdette


Keeping a large building pest free in the South is difficult!  When our new building, surrounded by 30 acres of farmland, was completed, we knew we would need extra help from professionals.  That's why we called Champion Pest Control. They are fair, honest and reliable and get the job done.

-- Jim Jeffcoat, Trustee, Former Grace Park United Methodist Church

Our Philosophy

We believe in honesty, reliability and hard work.  We believe our commitment to excellence and reliability should be why our customers continue to call us for their pest control services, not a binding contract.