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Pest Control | Dothan, AL

About Us:

Brothers Eben and Eddie Mathews are local, life-long residents of Dothan, Alabama and serve Houston County as firemen.  Together they, along with lifetime Dothan resident Rickey Weeks, own Champion Pest Control.  

Champion Pest Control services Dothan, AL and its surrounding communities.

Ashford, AL                Wicksburg, AL

Cowarts, AL                Cottondale, AL

Pansey, AL                  Taylor, AL

Webb, AL                     Hodgesville, AL

Kinsey, AL                    Malvern, AL

Columbia, AL              Midland City, AL

Rehobeth, AL              Headland, AL

Pest Control in Dothan, AL

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Safe & Effective Pest Control

Your home:  where you eat, sleep, play and raise your family. Not where you have time to fight dirty and harmful pests. Protect your home and your health with a plan from Champion Pest Control.  Not a plan, as in contract, but a plan as in how to get rid of the pests you have and how to keep them away for good.  This site not only serves our website, but as an educational site for you, the property owner, to learn more about how to prevent pests from infiltrating your space and how we can help you get rid of them.